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Young interdisciplinary artist from Slovenia. Working in the fields of video, performance art, graphic design, sound, etc. Interested in non-common practices in creating, which is why my work is often described as odd or anarchic, outside of norms. Post-punk kind of person. Works in the past year 2023 include: audio-visual performance FEA @ Floating Castle festival, sound-video-movement piece Belgrade 1978 exhibited in local squat and gallery PLAC in Ljubljana, audio-visual installation Sounding Facades at Lightning Guerilla festival.


Jovem artista interdisciplinar da Eslovênia. Trabalho nas áreas de vídeo, performance art, design gráfico, som, etc. Interessado em práticas não comuns de criação, razão pela qual meu trabalho é frequentemente descrito como estranho ou anárquico, fora das normas. Pessoa pós-punk. Os trabalhos do ano passado de 2023 incluem: performance audiovisual FEA no festival Floating Castle, peça de som-vídeo-movimento Belgrado 1978 exibida na ocupação local e galeria PLAC em Ljubljana, instalação audiovisual Sounding Facades no festival Lightning Guerilla.


kresnik, 2023

After a multitude of wars in the middle east in the last decades, with refugees coming to Slovenia, a small Slavic country in Europe, people here, as an excuse of sending them back, are trying to identify themselves as the true Europeans. But who is really a true Slovenian? With massive migrations of nations during the centuries it is hard to speak about indigenous people in Europe. Using music and video as a medium, I am trying to discover, if there exists an indigenous Slovenia, as we have in fact very interesting ancestors and a rich pagan history, that was sadly destroyed a millennia ago by Christianity. The question, I am asking, with this piece is, whether losing a culture could also mean losing ones roots, your indigenousness? The name of the video, kresnik, who was one of our most important deities, is the god fire, which is a powerful symbol of our ancestors, but, in the end, fire also symbolizes their demise and succumbence to the new religion. The accompanying music is a jam in ableton, using also some of our traditional instruments.

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