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Miguel Rozas is a Chilean-Belgian artist born in 1971 in Temuco, Chile currently living between Berlin and Brussels. With a strong socio-political dimension, his visual work reflects eloquently providing a personal response to historical and social events, especially in times of unveiled globalization and the crisis of the neo-liberal model. His work invites us to look beyond the distraction of the flashy and to consider the world around us with more attention to discover beauty and humanity in unusual places. Rozas studied Visual Arts in Santiago de Chile (ARCOS), Würzburg (FHWS) and Toulouse (ESAV) and took part in the Master's program at the Universität der Künste (UDK) in Berlin in 2013. His research mainly focuses on the relationship between politics, mass media and social minorities. He collaborates as a filmmaker and camera operator for a number of TV channels in Europe as well as with contemporary artists from South America, Europe, and China.


Miguel Rozas é um artista chileno-belga nascido em 1971 em Temuco, Chile, que atualmente vive entre Berlim e Bruxelas. Com uma forte dimensão sociopolítica, o seu trabalho visual reflecte de forma eloquente uma resposta pessoal a acontecimentos históricos e sociais, especialmente em tempos de globalização desvendada e de crise do modelo neoliberal. Seu trabalho nos convida a olhar além da distração do chamativo e a considerar o mundo que nos rodeia com mais atenção para descobrir a beleza e a humanidade em lugares inusitados. Rozas estudou Artes Visuais em Santiago do Chile (ARCOS), Würzburg (FHWS) e Toulouse (ESAV) e participou do programa de mestrado da Universität der Künste (UDK) em Berlim em 2013. Sua pesquisa se concentra principalmente na relação entre política , meios de comunicação de massa e minorias sociais. Colabora como cineasta e operador de câmera para diversos canais de TV na Europa, bem como com artistas contemporâneos da América do Sul, Europa e China.



Elsa and Antonio, two indigenous Mapuche elders, live with their granddaughter in a humble house in southern Chile.The precarity of the terminally ill Antonio, leads his wife Elsa to seek the help of a Mapuche shaman, a Machi. Through an ancient ritual, the Machi tries to heal him from the unknown disease that will eventually cause his death. Antonio's departure plunges Elsa into a state of despair and profound silence.



HUMANO is a three color channel video that intimately portrays the humble and ordinary existence of a indigenous Mapuche family in southern Chile. In this video piece humans live in and are part of land, which in turn is part of humans. It’s a family portrait as well as a free-form format. And a story where beauty and its frailty, melancholia, and a life for the sake of death are brought into light as a whole. If the ultimate meaning of this video portrait, almost silent, remains indecipherable, it is probably because the meaning of the historical suffering of the indigenous people in its double dimension – past and upcoming – is indecipherable itself. HUMANO proposes a real time immersion experience through lengthy stills into living pictures and poetic force.

Humano, 2022

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